Franco Morone

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

Franco Morone

Celtic Fingerstyle The South Wind
Rappresenta la migliore collezione di musica irlandese per chitarra acustica...leggi
Italian Fingerstyle
Attraverso mirabili arrangiamenti Franco fa rivivere al tema popolare una seconda giovinezza...leggi
Back to My Best
Franco ha riproposto i suoi brani storici arricchiti da tanta strada percorsa sui palchi di tutto il mondo... leggi
My Acoustic Blues
Lasciatevi coinvolgere dallo studio di questo libro, non ne rimarrete delusi.... leggi
Basic Fingerstyle
Un testo di riferimento per numerosi insegnanti..leggi

Franco Morone - Fingerstyle Jazz (book + cd)

€ 19.90
  1. 20 Esercizi Fingerstyle Jazz
  2. Welcome
  3. Blues studio
  4. Moving Song
  5. Old Style Swing
  6. Slow Walking
  7. Fingerstyle Swing
  8. Night Solo Flight
  9. Lines On
  10. Moonaround
  11. Crazy Basses

"Franco Morone is without doubt a genius of the acoustic guitar and hands down one of our favourite players. His playing is always a miracle of solid grooves, great melodies and tone to die for.
His repertoire is versatile, full of interest and delicious surprises."
Acoustic Guitar Workshop - UK

"When Franco Morone is playing you can feel a deep intensity. Mostly his eyes closed, the artist is 100% within his music. He is a master at work, here it is, where magic happens. Each note he plays is important, in each note there is an italian feeling with mediterranean lightness and poetry garnished with rich ornaments. Franco is a wanderer between musical styles - Celtic sounds, jazz, blues & much more - which he masters entirely and perfectly."
Stephen Rekas - Mel Bay - USA

"Lasciatevi coinvolgere dallo studio di questo libro, non ne rimarrete delusi!"
Giovanni Palombo - Chitarre


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