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Celtic Fingerstyle The South Wind
Represents the best collection of Irish music for acoustic
Italian Fingerstyle
I grew up hearing my father and mother hum or whistle these songs so you can imagine my great surprise when I heard them rendered as fingerstyle gems... read
Back to My Best
I highly recommend this book and Cd from the
My Acoustic Blues
His playing is a miracle of solid grooves, great melodies and tone to die for... read
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Franco Morone - Celtic Fingerstyle/The South Wind (book + cd)

€ 19.90
  1. Turkey in the Straw
  2. Eleanor Plunkett
  3. Carolan's Concerto
  4. The Foggy Dew
  5. Flowers of Edinburgh
  6. The South Wind
  7. Blarney Pilgrim
  8. Sheeberg and Sheemore
  9. The Derry Hornpipe
  10. Blind Mary
  11. The Harvest Home
  12. Planxty Irwin
  13. Marily Dance the Quaker
  14. Danny Boy

"Franco's music lends sound to our imaginings; his compositions emanate a light and airy atmosphere, caressing our ears like a warm and yet always surprising breeze."
Acoustic Music Records - Germany

"The South Wind is important and meaningful as a whole, and represents the best collection of Irish music for guitar to be issued in many years."
Concerto - Austria

"The South Wind is the most impressive book with consistently excellent arrangements."
Irish Music - Ireland

"Et dans tous les cas, le résultat est tout á fait convaincant, preuve si besoin était que Franco Morone compte parmi les plus grands finger-stylistes du moment. Bref, un excellent album, élégant, chaleureux, coloré... A déguster sans modération."
A. Payen - Acoustic Guitarist

"Ancora una volta Morone ha saputo realizzare un disco di notevole spessore con una sobrietà esecutiva notevole e come sempre tecnicamente ineccepibile."
Guitar Club - Italia


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