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Celtic Fingerstyle The South Wind
Represents the best collection of Irish music for acoustic
Italian Fingerstyle
I grew up hearing my father and mother hum or whistle these songs so you can imagine my great surprise when I heard them rendered as fingerstyle gems... read
Back to My Best
I highly recommend this book and Cd from the
My Acoustic Blues
His playing is a miracle of solid grooves, great melodies and tone to die for... read
Basic Fingerstyle
A book full of easy and great tunes to galvanize your playing" more..

Franco Morone - The First Collection - Stranalandia

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  1. Bluesy Cap
  2. Breath of Old Forest
  3. Karibù
  4. Kitty's Song
  5. Unicorno
  6. Casa di Elio
  7. Strangeland
  8. Rohan Riders
  9. Terra Nuova
  10. Acoustic Tap Dance
  11. Viaggio di Giugno
  12. Sheebeg and Sheemore
  13. Live Bonus Tracks:
  14. Circle Rain
  15. Sliding Roads Blues

"Franco ha aperto con dolcezza il proprio cuore, sfogliando le più belle pagine di un diario musicale impareggiabile per le storie ed i segreti che contiene."
Nicola Cossar - Messaggero Veneto

"Ciò che più colpisce di Stranalandia è la bellezza di tutte le tracce."
Folk Bulletin - Italia

"Songs are so clear and filled with energy that listening is pure delight."
Bestellen - Germany

"Morone's synthesis of folklore and passion produce guitar music of incredible power."
Thomas Rölling - Tageblatt - Germany


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