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Represents the best collection of Irish music for acoustic
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Franco Morone - Road To Lisdoonvarna

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  1. Jig On Planxty Irwin
  2. Inis Oirr
  3. Lord Inchiquin
  4. Captain O'Keane
  5. The Kesh Jig/Give Us a Drink Of Water
  6. L'inconnu De Limoise
  7. Geordie/John Barleycorn/Jacobyte by Name
  8. Blarney Pilgrim/Merrily Kiss the Quaker
  9. The Star Of County Down/Gaelico
  10. Sheebeg and Sheemore
  11. Intro/Road To Lisdoonvarna
  12. The Water is Wide

"This is a brilliant foray into Irish music, from a musician master of his art: it's all beautiful."
MDR Sing Out - Germany

"A superb display of Celtic fingerstyle playing from one of Europe's top acoustic guitarists Morone's gentle intricate approach brings out the haunting beauty at the heart of traditional Irish tunes a Morone reminds you how truly boundless the fretboard is."
Guitar Player - USA

"Un musicista di livello assoluto non solo in Europa, che ha fatto moltissimo per la cultura dello strumento. Un artista, uno dei pochi, che ha saputo sviluppare un tocco sullo strumento un gusto per la composizione e per l'arrangiamento assolutamente unici, riconoscibili di primo acchito."
Mario Giovannini - Chitarre

"Franco Morone has already established his international reputation as one of the best fingerstyle guitarist and as a musician who understands how to skill fully combine folk, jazz and blues with his own Mediterranean heritage. This humorous Italian musician is now presenting a collection focused on Celtic instrumental music. "The Road To Lisdoonvarna" is based on Morone's journey to the beautiful place near the western coast of Ireland. He has now given his experiences, thoughts and feelings a musical life in jigs, traditionals and ballads. The Mediterranean guitar poet offers us travel souvenirs of a very special kind, with refined phrasings, fascinating harmonic sequences and a rich melodic language that simulates with great authenticity the exuberant lightness, the playful joie de vivre and also the melancholy nature of the Irish. Including the desire to hit the road."
Acoustic Music Records - Germany

"Italian Franco Morone is a fantastic fingerstyle guitarist combining folk, jazz and blues, who at times tries his luck as a flat-picker and he's very fortunate with it. "The Road to Lisdoonvarna" is another great album of traditional Irish and Scottish music played on the acoustic guitar."
Folk World - Germany


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