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Celtic Fingerstyle The South Wind
Represents the best collection of Irish music for acoustic
Italian Fingerstyle
I grew up hearing my father and mother hum or whistle these songs so you can imagine my great surprise when I heard them rendered as fingerstyle gems... read
Back to My Best
I highly recommend this book and Cd from the
My Acoustic Blues
His playing is a miracle of solid grooves, great melodies and tone to die for... read
Basic Fingerstyle
A book full of easy and great tunes to galvanize your playing" more..

Franco Morone - Guitárea

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  1. Mex Passage
  2. Windcar Walking
  3. Lautari
  4. Good Morning Gambetta
  5. Don Cà
  6. Oopart
  7. Danzamora
  8. Mauro Elias & Martin
  9. Back Stroke
  10. L'acquabelle
  11. Fat Boy Blues
  12. Tightrope Song
  13. Mediterranean Slide

"Credo fermamente nell'esistenza di dischi di cui ci si innamora immediatamente fin dalle prime note. Ebbene, inutile dire che Guitárea di Franco Morone rappresenta per me uno di questi piccoli miracoli, nei quali la sensibilità di un artista e quella di un ascoltatore si incontrano."
Ezio Vaccari - Folk Bulletin

"Un disco imperdibile per chiunque abbia in corso un amore con la sei corde."
Giorgio Fairsoni - Guitar Club

"Franco non è solo il più importante chitarrista fingerstyle italiano, ma anche a livello mondiale ha ben pochi rivali."
Daniele Bazzani - Chitarre

"Guitárea is one of those recordings in my collection to which I keep turning like a period pilgrimage; Morone is truly unique without comparison." USA

"The Italian musician plays with the discreet charm of the true virtuoso: the slightly Mediterranean be gives to his mix of Leo Kottke's soundtracks for imaginary westerns and the filigree meditations from Windham Hill's heyday relax the listener as would a ride in an open convertible."
Audio - Germany

"A delighfully charming album, breezy and easy like a mediterranean summer evening."
Andreas Shülz - Akustik Gitarre - Germany


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