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The South Wind Celtic Fingerstyle
The South Wind represents the best collection of Irish music for acoustic
Italian Fingerstyle
I grew up hearing my father and mother hum or whistle these songs so you can imagine my great surprise when I heard them rendered as fingerstyle gems... read
Back to My Best
I highly recommend this book and Cd from the
My Acoustic Blues
His playing is a miracle of solid grooves, great melodies and tone to die for... read
Basic Fingerstyle
A book full of easy and great tunes to galvanize your playing" more..

Basic Fingerstyle (Book + CD)

Franco Morone - Acoustic Guitar

€ 19.90
  1. Playing Scale
  2. Arpeggio 1,2,3
  3. Open Strings Arpeggio 1,2
  4. Sur le Pont D'Avignon
  5. Amazing Grace
  6. What We Shall Do With the Drunken Sailor
  7. When the Saints Goes Marching In
  8. Camptown Races
  9. Angeline the Baker
  10. I Love Flowers
  11. Joshua
  12. Le Meglio Storie con La Mia Chitarra
  13. Napoleon Crossing the Rhine
  14. Piccolo Ragtime
  15. Giovanottina
  16. Scarborough Fair
  17. Cam Caminin
  18. Climbing the Hills
  19. Ragtime Blues
  20. Country Blues
  21. Our Fireplace

"If you can't attend, then check out his instruction books and CD's such as 'Basic Fingerstyle' and 'My Acoustic Blues'. They are full of great ideas and tunes that are guaranteed to galvanise your playing."
Acoustic Guitar Workshop - UK

"Basic Fingerstyle si rivela un testo di riferimento per numerosi insegnanti che già usano le pubblicazioni di un autore, come Franco Morone, che da sempre stimola l'interesse e la passione per uno degli strumenti più amati del nostro tempo." - Italy

"Sono presenti classici riarrangiati con semplicità ed efficacia che ci daranno piccole grandi soddisfazioni. Lo spartito risulta sempre molto curato e di facile consultazione."
Axe - Italy


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