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Celtic Fingerstyle The South Wind
Represents the best collection of Irish music for acoustic
Italian Fingerstyle
I grew up hearing my father and mother hum or whistle these songs so you can imagine my great surprise when I heard them rendered as fingerstyle gems... read
Back to My Best
I highly recommend this book and Cd from the
My Acoustic Blues
His playing is a miracle of solid grooves, great melodies and tone to die for... read
Basic Fingerstyle
A book full of easy and great tunes to galvanize your playing" more..

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"A great experience, inspiring, funny, encouraging, exciting, heart-warming" Silas

"A wonderful chance to get help and advise from a world class and amazingly open minded guitarist such as Franco" Antonio

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Clcle Rain


Le Meglio Storie con la mia Chitarra

The Foggy Dew



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